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Color is one of the most rudimentary element of design to change ones domicile or objects in general and give a room a different aesthetic. By borrowing Kolorit 1.0 in a hardware store, anyone can be creative at home quickly and easily. The device is mobile in use, free from tripping, such as power cables or color boilers.

Project occasion

Bachelor thesis | FHNW HGK Basel

Techniques & procedure

Sketching | mock-ups | 3D CAD (Solidworks) | 3D rendering (KeyShot) | rapid prototyping | cnc milling | model making (manually) | studio photography

About This Project

The system Kolorit 1.0 is available for rent in hardware stores, where the desired color is bought. Large color bags for vast objects are inserted into the device and connected with the two-meter pipe to the nozzle on the gun. The matching nozzle for the purchased color type, as well as the pipe, is to be found in the package and is installed on the front of the spray gun. It can be adjusted normally as any other nozzle to use the desired color beam. Through the bellows, which are continuously filled with air, the color is pumped to the nozzle. The color pipe is attached with Velcro straps to the air pipe so that they do not hang around individually. Small color bags can be placed in the powerful flow cup, which then is pushed onto the spray gun and is also connected to the appropriate nozzle. While painting, the bag collapses, allowing the gun to be used at all angles, thus also overhead. By pressing the power button, the two screw compressors start sucking air, which is regulated by a sensor with a valve. From there they either continue to the bellows or directly to the gun, in order to disperse the paint. Kolorit 1.0 is powered by a rechargeable battery and can be carried like a backpack. It also includes a replaceable filter to prevent internal contamination while tightening the air. By disposing of the individual parts and the low-fog spraying, up to 80% of detergents and solvents can be saved and a rapid color change is made possible.